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Madeit items

31 Dec

Now that my Christmas cards have left my madeit store I have restocked it with these, for the moment.

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Coming soon…

14 Jul

Kids are back at school today after a fortnight’s holiday and I am determined to photograph my new cards including a bespoke item for a funny guy!!  Just need the finishing touch for it!

Now I just need the weather to play along with me, not too wet and no wind would be perfect thanks Mother Nature!!!

So, tell me, how do you make your pics work for you when the weather won’t play along?

Caring for your resin jewellery

4 Jun

Supposing you have bought one of my lovely little babies, how do you care for it, I hear you ask!!


Well, for starters, you can wash it with luke-warm water &  mild soap, if needed, be careful not to leave it to soak, I use a gentle toothbrush to brush it with the soap, then a quick rinse.  Better yet just rub in your favourite moisturiser!

Once I have finished sanding and polishing an item, that’s what I do!  I currently use a patchouli scented one, but have even used Vaseline Intensive Care and a Nivea one in the past.

Of course you also need to treat it with care, because whilst resin is quite a sturdy product, it could still break or chip under the right circumstances.  The pieces should not be expected to withstand a hard knock or decent drop, they should not be heated or left in the sun for extended periods of time.  Avoid wearing your pieces whilst swimming or cleaning and make sure you put on your jewellery last when getting ready for a night out – all these chemicals could easily damage or discolour your fabulous item.

Your resin piece is unique and individual, I tend to mix my own colours so could never make exactly the same one should something happen to yours, I am happy to try, however it is unlikely to be a perfect match.

DSC_2431Find my shop at http://www.madeit.com.au/PurplePoppet



A Little Resin Tale

6 May

Thought I could give you a little information about my jewellery. Seeing I have nothing new to show you, the next best thing I can do is tell you a little about my “process”.
Once I have “patiently” waited until I can de-mold the item, there’s a brief check to see how much reshaping will need to be done. The next day I can carefully use a file to remove the waste resin – not usually too much, some can even just be snapped off!
When I am happy with the shape of the item, I start sandpapering. Using rough sandpaper first then moving to wet&dry, I use 4-5 different grades until I am happy with the feel.  I like the rings and pendants I sand to feel velvety-soft, one of my rings has facets so I don’t need to sand it!

Usually I mix enough resin to fill all my molds so I get a variety of items in differing shapes and sizes, both rings and pendants.

Currently I am making my own ring shapes too.  Using wax tubing , I am carving a few different shapes which I hope to show you soon.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask 🙂

Twilight Market

17 Nov

I will be showing off my lovely wares at the St Francis Xavier Twilight Market on Friday, 22nd November – Beaconsfield campus, 6pm-9pm.

I’m looking forward to it as it will be my first market for over a year now and I have a great new range of name plaques/ name art to show everyone.  I will have photos of the ones I have already made, plus I will have some great samples for you all to drool over – don’t worry your drool will not affect them, as they get a couple of coats of satin lacquer for added protection!!!

All my name plaques/ name art are individual, no two will ever be exactly the same, especially when I am hand-mixing some of the colours to get the “right” shade!


So come for a visit if you live in the Berwick/Beaconsfield area…. I’d love to see you at the St Francis Xavier Twilight Market!!!

Nope, inspiration still evades me…

8 May

So I just wanted to show you some rings I am going to add to my madeit store soon – just need to find my measurements list to check what ring sizes they are!

red_yellow rings


27 Mar

Need to do a new post, don’t I!

So…what to tell you… I have passed 100 fans on facebook, which I was pretty excited about!  Umm, am working a bit in my “day” job so aren’t on the computer as much at the moment, and I need to get on with some sanding and photographing of some new and old items.

Will that do for now, oh and hubby is on hols from tomorrow night so I still won’t get to the computer as often!  GAH!!

HAPPY EASTER to those that celebrate!!!