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To market, to market to buy a fab ring…

23 Mar

Come support my kids’ school’s “Car Boot Sale” – Berwick Fields Primary, Centre Rd, Berwick – 8am till midday on Sunday 25th March! 


All sorts of goodies available, come grab a bargain – don’t forget my coffee, I take it black with 3 sugars( I’m just not sweet enough!) Hahaha

If Melbourne gets the weather right(hmm oxymoron?), it should be a great day!

Ahh Resin

14 Feb

You have come into my life again, in your bright orange box, for me to again have to alter my plan as you are WAY too yellow- grr! So, solid colours are the go this time around!! As a bonus you are joined by a friend in a lovely purple (despite it’s name!) box for me to have a play with… Watch this space…

Watch this space…

30 Jan

new products in the pipeline!!

*hint* maybe a touch of paisley!!

“What,” I hear you say, “More new goodies!”

15 Dec

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how about these babies!

Can size to suit, more designs and colours coming!

New goodies

28 Nov

Check out my new goodies on madeit!  Just added some new pendants, and phone charms – great also for those pesky USBs that get lost in the bottom of your handbag when you are in a hurry to print out some pics at the shops!! Grr, I hate those, tres annoying!!!!

Anyways, enough about my disorganised self!

Come, check out madeit for lots of fab Chrissie prezzies!  Maybe a peek at http://www.madeit.com.au/TurtleVelocity – say “hi” from  me!

Oh goodness!

8 Nov

It was pointed out to me today (thanks Emma!) that I haven’t let you all in on too many of my secrets.  Okay, they aren’t secrets, it’s just how I work at getting each piece to a finish point!

I use a two-part, quick-setting polyurethane resin in to which I mix a variety of colour, some make it translucent, some are solid pigment which I can tint using the translucent dyes if I want.  I have limited colours at the moment, but each time I visit my wonderful Barnes store I get to choose a new one (or two!)  Look out for orange (Kelsey!) in my next batch of rings, bangles and pendants!

Once I settle on what colour/colours to use I make enough to fill both my ring molds and my cuff bangle, and a teensie bit more for a couple of pendants or adjustable rings.  This means that whilst each item is very individual there are matching pieces too.

Then I settle back and watch a tv show with my hubby – let’s make it a half hour sitcom as I can barely leave them alone long enough to set!  Usual once I see the silicone mould pull away easily from the resin I know my wait is almost over and I can demould shortly after!

I admire them for 10 minutes after I get them out, marvelling at the colour and getting a feel for each piece!  And I wait at least 24 hours before I start to shape with sandpaper and a mini file.  I start with the file and a de-burring tool to get the top edges smooth and even, then I use 3-4 grades of wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the whole item into one lovely soft-textured piece of jewellery.  This can take up to 2 hours per item, depending on what it is, how much resin was in the mould and how easily it came out, not to mention the look I am after for that particular piece!

So, that’s how I work, then all that’s left to do is photograph each piece to show you!

Now that my madeit store is up and running I need to decide on the best way to post them so I can get them up on my store too!

The rings are $30 each

The cuff bangles are $60 each

And my resin pendants are $20 each

Thanks for taking the time to read this epic novel! xo t

Knock knock, anyone home!

20 Sep

Hi all, just a quick one to say I haven’t forgotten you.  I have been busy fitting in some sanding time along with all the family things that “just happen” with a busy little family.  It was great to catch up with friends from far away on the weekend(No, no where near long enough spent together!), and it’s a warm fuzzy feeling knowing all the support I have around me – thanks everyone!  Big kisses!