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So Lovely To See You Again After So Long

24 Jul

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Oh my gosh, I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about you…

Well, of course I hadn’t, I just got super busy with life!!

I did find a teensy bit of time to make these and you can find them in my Redbubble store, you can search for me – purpletanya – and see more of my goodies!

One of the items I really love are my name mugs which make great teacher gifts and I also set the art up as stickers, pouches for laptops and pencil cases as well as journals, both spiral bound and hardcover.  If you’d like one, please contact me on Redbubble – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

I shall chat to you soon! ❤

Waiting for the rain…

19 Jul

To finish!!!!

So I had to make do with my brand new cutting mat as my background (thank you lovely husband and children for the birthday pressie!)

Here are some “emergency pictures” of the bespoke 21st card and some others I have made recently – had to photograph the 21st card as his birthday was on Thursday and we needed to give him the card with his present!

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I’m looking forward to the rain stopping so I can get some good ones of the newbies, then into my madeit store they go 😉

Having said that if there is one here you would like and need a sentiment added, please leave me a message and I can get it to you in the post as soon as possible!

Coming soon…

14 Jul

Kids are back at school today after a fortnight’s holiday and I am determined to photograph my new cards including a bespoke item for a funny guy!!  Just need the finishing touch for it!

Now I just need the weather to play along with me, not too wet and no wind would be perfect thanks Mother Nature!!!

So, tell me, how do you make your pics work for you when the weather won’t play along?

Do we like??

20 Oct

Okay, so I kept you waiting a little for this, FINALLY the wind dropped enough for me to take these pics last night

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Am loving the dotty chiogami paper from Daiso!!!  Getting a Daiso nearby *claps hands excitedly* 😉

The cards are a simple A6 size which fit in C6 envelopes, plain inside and will be $4 ea plus postage.

Would love to know what you think…


26 Sep

To all my new followers – hopefully I can keep you interested!!

Feel free to leave me feedback and comments!  I’d love to hear from you 😉


Have recently apologised to my pinterest followers on my facebook page about the volume of chalkboard pins I repinned!  So if you follow me on pinterest but not facebook, I am sorry for all those pins!!  However…bear with, and I will post pics here of my chalkboard when I finish it!!  Hopefully you will think it worth the wait!

Enjoy your day 🙂

something just a little different…

10 Jul

I love being creative.  There, I’ve said it, it’s on the internet for all to read!

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling the need to release a bit of creativity is some digital scrapping – the form this has taken has varied over the couple of years I’ve been doing it.  I started doing full-on layouts for the kids walls, which I would print out as photos then laminate so the kids could stick them to their walls.  Then I moved on to cards, birthday, anniversary, whatever, these I could either print out or upload onto friend’s facebook pages.  My latest joy has become bookmarks!  My eldest has learnt to love reading and, as my way of encouraging her, I am making bookmarks using digital scrapbooking which I then print out, cut up then laminate!  SOOO much fun to be had!!  And the best bit is they are flat so they don’t break the book’s spine when shoved in at sleep time!!!!  Yay school librarians, you can thank me later!!!!!!

Really it’s so easy to do, I have even taught myself how to turn my drawings into digital stamps!  FUN FUN FUN and it gives me more scope to personalise the things I do!

Happy scrapping!  Be it digi or traditional!!  I am no snob, I love both equally!!!!

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Oh goodness!

8 Nov

It was pointed out to me today (thanks Emma!) that I haven’t let you all in on too many of my secrets.  Okay, they aren’t secrets, it’s just how I work at getting each piece to a finish point!

I use a two-part, quick-setting polyurethane resin in to which I mix a variety of colour, some make it translucent, some are solid pigment which I can tint using the translucent dyes if I want.  I have limited colours at the moment, but each time I visit my wonderful Barnes store I get to choose a new one (or two!)  Look out for orange (Kelsey!) in my next batch of rings, bangles and pendants!

Once I settle on what colour/colours to use I make enough to fill both my ring molds and my cuff bangle, and a teensie bit more for a couple of pendants or adjustable rings.  This means that whilst each item is very individual there are matching pieces too.

Then I settle back and watch a tv show with my hubby – let’s make it a half hour sitcom as I can barely leave them alone long enough to set!  Usual once I see the silicone mould pull away easily from the resin I know my wait is almost over and I can demould shortly after!

I admire them for 10 minutes after I get them out, marvelling at the colour and getting a feel for each piece!  And I wait at least 24 hours before I start to shape with sandpaper and a mini file.  I start with the file and a de-burring tool to get the top edges smooth and even, then I use 3-4 grades of wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the whole item into one lovely soft-textured piece of jewellery.  This can take up to 2 hours per item, depending on what it is, how much resin was in the mould and how easily it came out, not to mention the look I am after for that particular piece!

So, that’s how I work, then all that’s left to do is photograph each piece to show you!

Now that my madeit store is up and running I need to decide on the best way to post them so I can get them up on my store too!

The rings are $30 each

The cuff bangles are $60 each

And my resin pendants are $20 each

Thanks for taking the time to read this epic novel! xo t