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Oh Dear!!

11 Nov

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Did you think I had forgotten you, had become too wrapped up in INKtober to remember you…

Oh dear…

Well, kinda, but I didn’t mean to, however each time I took a pic of my drawings I would forget to send myself a copy so I could show you on here, but now I have, at least some of the later, better ones.

I had such a great time doing INKtober and coming into contact with such lovely and supportive artists!  It was a brilliant experience and I look forward to doing it again next year, hopefully I’ll get invited back!!!

Am looking at doing more to turn into drawings for tees in my #RedBubble store, what would you like to see first – a zentangle, a floral drawing or a steampunk one???

13 Jan

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what do we think, the owl card is a 14x10cm size card, the other two are 7x7cm.  They’ll be added to my store on madeit in due course!