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Finally it stopped raining…

22 Jul

and the ground dried enough for me to take some photos of my new cards 🙂 🙂

So here they are, the latest collection of cards, quite an assorted bunch, a couple of masculine/unisex as well as some girly ones

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So, what do you think…

They all need a sentiment or age added but I want to leave that up to the purchaser, that way they get their ideal card!

Do you like the photos, there has been much discussion about what to set your product on to photograph it on the madeit facebook page, most believe using a white background or removing the background is better but I am not completely convinced, my favourite pics in other stores are those with simple natural backgrounds, what do you think

Moving On……..

25 Sep

Things have been a bit busy around here lately and I keep putting off writing a new post as something else crops up to steal my time.  So I am writing this over a couple of days to make sure I get all I want into it, and then I can feel like I’ve achieved something too.

I wanted to show you what I can do and what I’ve been up to lately, so here are a few pics of some of my latest “work”.

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That was a busy couple of weeks! Oh and I added some of the cards I have done this year for various people.  If you received one of them and I didn’t ask you if I could publish it here then I apologize, I certainly tried to remember everyone, but…  sorry!

I promise to write again soon!