11 Mar

Must admit to getting a bit excited when checking emails & finding I have recently sold one of my items on Redbubble!  Now I know I don’t get much from the sale of a postcard, but it’s the start that counts…hopefully…

And I realised you, my lovely readers, cannot get excited if I don’t show you what I do on Redbubble!

So, for you Redbubble virgins, and for those who may not have found me on there yet…

Duh duh duh dahhhh

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m excited, hopefully you’re excited, my works are a mix of photographs and illustration, with a bias towards photos.  I think my favourite one at the moment would have to be the Morris Grille – I think it will make an amazing looking bag!!  Love Redbubble!!

Huge, Huge, Huge, Enormous thank-you to the person who did love my Blue Mustang photo enough to purchase it!!!!!!!!!!


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