A Little Resin Tale

6 May

Thought I could give you a little information about my jewellery. Seeing I have nothing new to show you, the next best thing I can do is tell you a little about my “process”.
Once I have “patiently” waited until I can de-mold the item, there’s a brief check to see how much reshaping will need to be done. The next day I can carefully use a file to remove the waste resin – not usually too much, some can even just be snapped off!
When I am happy with the shape of the item, I start sandpapering. Using rough sandpaper first then moving to wet&dry, I use 4-5 different grades until I am happy with the feel.  I like the rings and pendants I sand to feel velvety-soft, one of my rings has facets so I don’t need to sand it!

Usually I mix enough resin to fill all my molds so I get a variety of items in differing shapes and sizes, both rings and pendants.

Currently I am making my own ring shapes too.  Using wax tubing , I am carving a few different shapes which I hope to show you soon.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask 🙂


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