The Odd Frog

26 Apr

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So lovely, we had a great couple of days in Bright at The Odd Frog.

The suite was amazing, designed and built using eco principles, I really enjoyed thinking on the factors involved in the execution of the build and the composition of the building itself.

The views were fantastic, with a great walk starting just down the stairs from our rooms heading up the hill to another lovely view at a lookout.  There was the possibility of walking to the town centre, however we deemed the uphill walk home loaded with groceries was too hard for the holiday we had planned!  Then there were our “visitors” as we were packing the car to leave!

Much food was eaten, relaxing done, oh and checking out the local shops!  THAT was tonnes of fun, soooo many things I could have bought for the kids!!

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I have had a bit of a weird month, will not go down as one of my favourite months ever(despite such a wonderful time in Bright!), and have lost my mojo along the way.  So in an effort to get back into the “swing” of things I will do a couple of non-jewellery posts, hope that’s ok…feel free to message me ideas to help me find it!!  Will take all help!! x t


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