something just a little different…

10 Jul

I love being creative.  There, I’ve said it, it’s on the internet for all to read!

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling the need to release a bit of creativity is some digital scrapping – the form this has taken has varied over the couple of years I’ve been doing it.  I started doing full-on layouts for the kids walls, which I would print out as photos then laminate so the kids could stick them to their walls.  Then I moved on to cards, birthday, anniversary, whatever, these I could either print out or upload onto friend’s facebook pages.  My latest joy has become bookmarks!  My eldest has learnt to love reading and, as my way of encouraging her, I am making bookmarks using digital scrapbooking which I then print out, cut up then laminate!  SOOO much fun to be had!!  And the best bit is they are flat so they don’t break the book’s spine when shoved in at sleep time!!!!  Yay school librarians, you can thank me later!!!!!!

Really it’s so easy to do, I have even taught myself how to turn my drawings into digital stamps!  FUN FUN FUN and it gives me more scope to personalise the things I do!

Happy scrapping!  Be it digi or traditional!!  I am no snob, I love both equally!!!!

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