Madeit items

31 Dec

Now that my Christmas cards have left my madeit store I have restocked it with these, for the moment.

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Feliz Navidad

18 Dec

Buon Natal, Gesëende Kersfees and Nadolig Llawen :)

Have a lovely holiday season all, and I look forward to finding some time to make/draw lots of new things to show you in the New Year!

Stay safe x


Joyce and Penny

5 Dec

These two drawings are available in my redbubble store on a variety of items – iPad covers, phone cases, tees for adults and kids, and many more.

I have drawn inspiration from two very different women, one fictional, Penny, and one, sadly no longer with us, my grandmother Joyce.

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Penny is influenced by my love for the wonderful comedy “Miranda” and the character of her mum, Penny.

And,  as I’ve mentioned, Joyce is named in honour of my grandmother, a wonderful woman who gave so much to her family and her community.  Her memory lives on.

Please go look at them, enjoy the movement in them, get lost in the patterns….




26 Nov

By definition “Salmagundi”means a mixture, miscellany, hodgepodge, a jumble.  So that is what I have chosen to call my style of drawing.  This one is, as the name suggests, inspired by the sea, or more precisely seaweed.

Please click the link and check out my lovely  Sea Salmagundi!  It looks awesome as throw pillow or tote bag, and I wish my computer could use a laptop skin!!

Oh Dear!!

11 Nov

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Did you think I had forgotten you, had become too wrapped up in INKtober to remember you…

Oh dear…

Well, kinda, but I didn’t mean to, however each time I took a pic of my drawings I would forget to send myself a copy so I could show you on here, but now I have, at least some of the later, better ones.

I had such a great time doing INKtober and coming into contact with such lovely and supportive artists!  It was a brilliant experience and I look forward to doing it again next year, hopefully I’ll get invited back!!!

Am looking at doing more to turn into drawings for tees in my #RedBubble store, what would you like to see first – a zentangle, a floral drawing or a steampunk one???

Loving INKtober2014

8 Oct

Here are my “better” posts so far for #INKtober2014, am enjoying the fun so far :)

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The group I’m in has “suggestions”for each day which you are free to follow or chose your own path… mostly I have followed them, mostly ;)  Sometimes my drawings need hints and help which I’ve either gotten from Pinterest or our own photos and items.  So I am gaining knowledge, using skills and techniques I’ve not used for a while/never tried out before – and am getting more patient with this “craft”- which is bound to be good news for my kids…assuming it translates to my regular life!!! Hahahaha loving the challenge, it’s a great new adventure just before my “normal” work gets busy for Christmas :)


Now to get on and do Day 8!

Overboard, well, maybe…

21 Sep

I keep finding photos I have taken that I know would look great on a phone cover, so I add another to my growing store!!

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This is such a great Adventure, I hope you love them as much as I do – find them at


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