Got the winter blues…

1 Jul

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post.

No, I haven’t been super busy.

Yes, I am still “creating”.

In fact, I can’t wait to show you some of my new work.  I ordered them from Redbubble as part of a postcard-swap for the art group I am in on Facebook and they have just arrived today, so now you can chew on your nails with anticipation while we wait for Australia Post to deliver them and once the recipients have posted their pics on FB, THEN I promise to show you…(hint – bit steampunky/floral – I don’t know, it worked for me!)

Really I guess I’ve just been hibernating while the weather is lousy, as it always is in winter, here in Melbourne.  And don’t let anyone tell you it’s been a mild winter – just because it hasn’t rained tonnes doesn’t mean I have felt like going out or being energetic!!  Plus I’ve been trying to be good and not be on the computer as much – I can so easily be distracted and lose whole hours (hmm Pinterest, whose fault is that!!!).  Admittedly that has often been in the name of “research” for patterns and steampunky drawing I can do, so whilst the housework has suffered, my drawing skills have increased somewhat :)

I promise to return sooner than last time – mwah…

More Redbubble goodies

7 May

Pouches, cards, tees, phone cases, bags and more… Love the variety of products I can choose to make available with my art on them.

I’ve just added these to my “store” on Redbubble…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Go and check them out, I would love the pouch – hint, hint :)


Stop reading and go go on, hurry up… get in before it’s too late, joke, it’s never too late ;)

New Redbubble Pieces

11 Apr

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Here’s the latest pieces I have added into my Redbubble shop, everyone loves a ‘Stang!!  I think my favourite piece is the Rusty Barbed Wire, looks great on a mug or a pillow!

Go to and have a look, the Blue Mustang pic is the one which was purchased the other week :)


12 Mar

GO, Now, Redbubble have 20% off sitewide NOW,
Use code TWELVES, expries 12/3/15 at 8pm

Go have a look, there is some amazing work on there!

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Told you!!


11 Mar

Must admit to getting a bit excited when checking emails & finding I have recently sold one of my items on Redbubble!  Now I know I don’t get much from the sale of a postcard, but it’s the start that counts…hopefully…

And I realised you, my lovely readers, cannot get excited if I don’t show you what I do on Redbubble!

So, for you Redbubble virgins, and for those who may not have found me on there yet…

Duh duh duh dahhhh

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I’m excited, hopefully you’re excited, my works are a mix of photographs and illustration, with a bias towards photos.  I think my favourite one at the moment would have to be the Morris Grille – I think it will make an amazing looking bag!!  Love Redbubble!!

Huge, Huge, Huge, Enormous thank-you to the person who did love my Blue Mustang photo enough to purchase it!!!!!!!!!!

Madeit items

31 Dec

Now that my Christmas cards have left my madeit store I have restocked it with these, for the moment.

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Feliz Navidad

18 Dec

Buon Natal, Gesëende Kersfees and Nadolig Llawen :)

Have a lovely holiday season all, and I look forward to finding some time to make/draw lots of new things to show you in the New Year!

Stay safe x



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