20 Aug

Have had some lovely encouragement from a beautiful artist regarding my drawings, of which I seem only able to draw flowers and not much more!  Once I have decided what I would like to do with them, then I will show you, until then here is a couple of my drawings…

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might think about necklaces or earrings, or I don’t know what!

Finally it stopped raining…

22 Jul

and the ground dried enough for me to take some photos of my new cards :) :)

So here they are, the latest collection of cards, quite an assorted bunch, a couple of masculine/unisex as well as some girly ones

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So, what do you think…

They all need a sentiment or age added but I want to leave that up to the purchaser, that way they get their ideal card!

Do you like the photos, there has been much discussion about what to set your product on to photograph it on the madeit facebook page, most believe using a white background or removing the background is better but I am not completely convinced, my favourite pics in other stores are those with simple natural backgrounds, what do you think

Waiting for the rain…

19 Jul

To finish!!!!

So I had to make do with my brand new cutting mat as my background (thank you lovely husband and children for the birthday pressie!)

Here are some “emergency pictures” of the bespoke 21st card and some others I have made recently – had to photograph the 21st card as his birthday was on Thursday and we needed to give him the card with his present!

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I’m looking forward to the rain stopping so I can get some good ones of the newbies, then into my madeit store they go ;)

Having said that if there is one here you would like and need a sentiment added, please leave me a message and I can get it to you in the post as soon as possible!

Coming soon…

14 Jul

Kids are back at school today after a fortnight’s holiday and I am determined to photograph my new cards including a bespoke item for a funny guy!!  Just need the finishing touch for it!

Now I just need the weather to play along with me, not too wet and no wind would be perfect thanks Mother Nature!!!

So, tell me, how do you make your pics work for you when the weather won’t play along?

New Cards

24 Jun

Here’s some new cards I’ve been working on

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There are some more in the making – I am just waiting for the right weather to get some decent photos!  Ggrr rain!

Broadening my computing horizons

10 Jun

So I have just “discovered” Evernote – how great is it!  Now I can easily plan my week, make a note of a new idea, keep track of some great recipes I find in various magazines( welcome back shelf space!!!!)  And I can even find it on my desktop, not just stuck in my iPad – HOORAY!!


Bit excited, must say I am waiting for the “but…”

Do you have a “but…” story about evernote or is it really the bees knees?? Remember I am just a simple thing with simple needs(mostly ;) )



Caring for your resin jewellery

4 Jun

Supposing you have bought one of my lovely little babies, how do you care for it, I hear you ask!!


Well, for starters, you can wash it with luke-warm water &  mild soap, if needed, be careful not to leave it to soak, I use a gentle toothbrush to brush it with the soap, then a quick rinse.  Better yet just rub in your favourite moisturiser!

Once I have finished sanding and polishing an item, that’s what I do!  I currently use a patchouli scented one, but have even used Vaseline Intensive Care and a Nivea one in the past.

Of course you also need to treat it with care, because whilst resin is quite a sturdy product, it could still break or chip under the right circumstances.  The pieces should not be expected to withstand a hard knock or decent drop, they should not be heated or left in the sun for extended periods of time.  Avoid wearing your pieces whilst swimming or cleaning and make sure you put on your jewellery last when getting ready for a night out – all these chemicals could easily damage or discolour your fabulous item.

Your resin piece is unique and individual, I tend to mix my own colours so could never make exactly the same one should something happen to yours, I am happy to try, however it is unlikely to be a perfect match.

DSC_2431Find my shop at http://www.madeit.com.au/PurplePoppet




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